Tie on The Beach

You might have already noticed that I like pretty much anything that interrupts the day and brings some fun. That’s why I usually love all the scenes caused by ImprovEverywhere!

The last one was a reproduction of “Black Tie on the Beach”. The title is self-explanatory: a day spent on the beach, doing things you do on the beach, but wearing Black Tie:

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Wishing Tree at Little Tokyo

One thing that I loved about NYC and now, Los Angeles, is that they have a series of cities inside the major city. You’re walking around and suddenly you’re transported to a completely different reality and culture.

This weekend we had some cravings for noodles, so naturally, we ended up at Little Tokyo. While we were waiting for seats on the restaurant where I probably had one of the best Ramens of my life, I noticed this Tree and instantaneously liked it:

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Spreading smiles!

I’ve been in LA for a little bit more than one month now and I feel it is still soon to start with all the comparisons to NY. But… there’s one thing that I couldn’t not notice: People here DO smile to each other! True Fact!

It is not only normal to smile to strangers here, but they don’t avoid eye contact either! It’s really fantastic! I’ve even been practicing walking always with at least a half smile on my face, because it makes it much easier to turn on a full smile, anytime I need it! And it’s usually often!

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Why stairs when you can have slides?

When I saw this for the first time, my immediate reaction was: – Why, oh why am I not living there?

Under the fancy name of “Transfer Accelerator”, the dutch design firm called HIK Ontwerpers created this slide to help passengers at the Overvecht Railway Station to make their way faster, and also, much more enjoyable.

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Tip of the day: Laugh more!

It’s in NY TIMES today: The act of laughing releases a lot of endorphins and make you feel much better all day long!

For those who don’t have patience to go through all the article (everybody has work to do, right!?), this is a brief sumup:

I always associated the good feeling promoted by laughing to something psychological. Like, if you think in positively, you’ll act positively too. But it turns out, that it has much more to do to the endorphins released by the physical exercise. Have you never laughed so much it hurted?

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I miss my bike

I miss my bike! There was no way I could have brought her here, to L.A., but I can’t stop imagining how is she, in that dark and cold storage among other stranger bikes.

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From L.A, with love

It’s good to see that you’re still here!
Last post was to say that I had graduated, this post is to say that I got a job! : )

I moved to L.A and even though I’m not doing interventions so often anymore, I’m working at a company that definitely makes people happy. At least I was a much happier child just because of them, and they were partially responsible for me being this person that believes in magic and in dreams becoming true!

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What: Distribute balloons on a Fair
Why: To make people happy and color the environment
When: May, 21st, 2011
Where: 13th st @ 7th ave, New York

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What: Promote positive conversation between strangers
Why: People are usually rude to each other
How: Ask them to write something and leave on a box
When: April, 9th, 2011
Where: Washington Square, New York

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What: Promote smile among strangers on subway
Why: People try to avoid eye contact and interaction
How: Hold signs asking people to smile for you
When: March, 2011
Where: F Train, Dumbo Area

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