Chocolate + kindness = THE BEST THING EVER

If you’re here at this website, you’re probably already noticed that I’m interested in positive psychology and do believe that kinder people are happier and contribute to a better society.

What you might not now, is that, for me, nothing substitutes chocolate. I know a lot of people say they’re chocaholics, but in my case, is different. I literally can’t spend more than 24h without eating a piece. Is my only, and therefore very serious, addiction.

So can you imagine a store where you can buy chocolates with kindness? It would be like heaven for me. The only difference, is that this the store is for real.

The danish chocolate company Anthon Berg, with the help of the agency Robert/Boisen & Like Minded, created the Generous Store. For a day, they ‘sold’ chocolate, but not for money. Instead of that, they were demanding good deeds in return. People would pick up the chocolate and then they would post on Facebook when the promise finally became an action.

Check it out:


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    September 12, 2012 - 11:14 am | Permalink

    This is fantastic!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I would have loved to visit this store 🙂
    And by the way, I think we’re one of a kind. Or maybe not, cause I am not able to stop at just one piece of chocolate a day… Usually a lot more is needed to get me through the day, a complete addict that’s me!

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