What: Offered Free Coffee on Subway stations
Why: People are in a hurry and don’t have time for breakfast
How: Bought Coffee and set a table at the subway station
When: November, 2010
Where: 23rd and 6th avenue, subway station – New York

The option of offering coffee came from the idea that people don’t have time to have breakfast, so I wanted to offer them the opportunity to enjoy some coffee without taking them away from their routine. Besides, I wanted to bring the factor of trust and test if people would be inclined to accept drink from a stranger and also analyze their reactions.
So, that’s exactly what I did. In one rainy morning I went with my small table, balloons and, of course, some coffee, to the closest subway station and stood there for an hour offering coffee to people. Luiza Trigo helped me recording.
As usual, New Yorkers were very suspicious about someone offering them free stuff, most people would look and keep walking until someone took the initiative and then they would follow the first and ask for some coffee too.
I might have served approximately fifteen cups, what I consider really successful,  since they had to stop for some seconds, go where I was and wait for me to serve them.
And some of those who had the coffee, gave me really kind feedback:
– I’m so glad you’re here!
– Why, why are you doing this??? Nobody does that! As I answered: – That’s exactly why!
– Oh, this is so cute that could be the beginning of a love story!
And the guy who gives free newspaper asked me to exchange a cup of coffee for a newspaper, what I thought it was amusing and pretty fair!
I was really happy to have done that and kept wondering if I could have, somehow, had affected those people’s day in a positive way. I was certainly much more cheerful all day long.



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    Sergio Venuto
    September 12, 2011 - 1:46 pm | Permalink

    Muito bacana tudo isso. Estamos curtindo muito os vídeos por aqui. E a coincidência é que trabalhamos com cafés e também temos cafeteria num modelo de Empresa-em-Rede.
    E procuramos fazer várias intervenções no dia-a-dia: pessoas provam cafés, conversam, mexem nas máquinas, usam o computador da loja, ganham beijos e abraços, etc.
    Isa, vc nos deu mais ideias ainda! Espero que um dia façamos uma intervenção juntos pelo Rio, Brasil ou mundo! Bjs e continuem com tudo isso!

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      September 14, 2011 - 12:50 pm | Permalink

      Oi Sergio, que bacana! Fico feliz que tenha contribuido com ainda mais ideias! Quem sabe um dia a gente não faz um Free Coffee no Rio, né!? Tudo de bom pra vocês e obrigada pela visita! beijos!

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