Smiles in Washigton Square

As I mentioned before, I was surprised when I arrived at the Washington Square Park last Saturday and saw so many people involved in colorful and happy projects. One specifically called my attention. It was full of yellow ribbons and from far, all I could read was “SMILE”. The idea was that people should write on a ribbon what makes them happy and they could pick up another ribbons that contained something also meaningful for them. It was somehow related to my Share some Love and reminded me of the I wish your wish exhibition.

Overall, I was very happy to see that there were so many people synchronized in thoughts to achieve something positive and fun in public space. The author was Abby Wurtele, a NYU student, and what she explained to me is that it was supposed to be an interactive art piece where she wasn’t supposed to give direct instructions. Her purpose was to leave something that would make other people happy. And according to what I could see, it worked pretty well. I still have my “Applauding the first green shoots of spring”.

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