Best way to say goodbye

I usually say that there’s no good way to say goodbye. We may try to find the right words, do the right thing, and in the end, at least one of the sides is going to feel sad about it. And I would probably still affirm that for the rest of my life if I hadn’t see this:


This guy had to say goodbye to Barcelona after three years living there and, to celebrate it and thank for the good times, he spread several balloons around the city with tickets for different plays.

I loved the letter and the visuals. I had always felt that nothing could be added to Barcelona’s landscape to make it even more beautiful, and once again I was wrong. Colorful balloons complimented it really well.

Now I’m starting this internal  battle to find a way to overcome myself and create something to celebrate my two years here in NY. Big Apple, I promise, I won’t let you down! : )

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