Every Monday I’ll present a new poll with options of new projects for you to choose. By Friday I’ll take the one with more votes and execute it during the weekend. As soon as I finish, I’ll post about it for you to take a look!

Week 1:
[polldaddy poll=4054308]

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    Rubens Duarte
    November 10, 2010 - 2:07 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know…. but I think that option #2 is better than the others. I found the first option very nice; however, it can be misunderstood. How could we explain why are you giving free breakfast for people that are in a rush only? I mean, the idea is very interesting, indeed, but some may argue that there are people that do not eat because they do not have anything to buy a piece of bread, and the food that you would give to people that overslept could be more useful. Do not get me wrong: I don’t thing like that, but I do think that there are some that might argue in this way. There are always some boring people that want to seize any kind of window that they see…

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