New bed, new jump

Happiness is composed by many little joys. We can never guarantee being happy 100% of the time, but we can (and we should) fill our day with as many pleasurable things as we can.

In my case, I feel a lot of joy by jumping for the first time on a super clean, soft, pre-made bed. I enjoy it so much that I came up with a hashtag for it: #newbednewjump and I’ve been, for the past year, collecting as many of these moments as I can.

So far, I have sixteen of those to share:



So for me, it’s jumping in beds, for you might be finding the best cookie on earth, for someone else, a good run. There’s no rules and all alternatives are right. Just surround yourself with things you love (and that don’t harm anyone else) and you’ll see how it can help your mood!

And if you enjoy jumping in beds too, you can follow me on instagram at @isadoradantas .

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