If you don’t ask, you’ll never know

Sometimes you wake up and you’re just not doing well. We feel sad and we regret our acquaintances for not being thoughtful and not realizing when we need their help. Somehow, we usually expect the initiative to come from them… but what if, instead of waiting, we just verbalized that we need some attention?

That’s what Samantha La Rocco did, and it was not even to her friends, but to the restaurant she was ordering from. And guess what!!? It worked!

Samantha La Rocco

After a 1,5 year relationship, she got dumped and felt terrible. She ordered a salad online with an additional note: “I’ve just been dumped. Please draw something inspiring on the container.”, and Draw they did! What a nice surprise when you ask for something unusual and you actually get what you want!

People usually don’t like showing their weakness. They try to internalize their problems and solve it on their own. Of course it works… But in my opinion, it takes way longer!

And by my experience, I can tell, that once you open you heart to someone (even a stranger), they usually will give you a good return. Everybody can relate to pain, and we usually feel good when we’re able to help. Even if is just by listening. It’s win, win to everybody! : )

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