Coca-Cola Top Five Favorite Videos

At least once per week a friend of mine sends me one of Coca-Cola videos. I’m the biggest fan of their kind initiatives (like “Live Positively” and “Crazy for Good“) and can’t get tired of watching their videos.

Coca-cola is not the only company that uses kindness as a way to conquer consumer’s loyalty. Pepsi also promotes good initiatives (check Refresh Everything), and many other big companies are engaged in volunteer work, defending different causes. The difference, for me, is that Coca-Cola makes it better.

That being said, these are my top five favorite videos:

5. Happinness Truck in India
Small surprises can make your whole day better

4. The Coca-Cola Friendship Machine
As a designer, I love how they were able to achieve their goal of making people colaborate without using instructions. For you two have 2 Cokes for the price of one, you have to use a little help from your friends!


3. El Cajero de La Felicidad
I couldn’t find this one with subtitles, but basically you get 100 euros, and a task of something good to do to another person. Then you post it. Same concept as the Chocolate Pop Up store.


2. Security Cameras around the world
Probably everyone already watched it, but it can never get old!


People like you and me, that just do crazy things for the good! That’s the perfect amount of craziness!

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