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Isa @ Ted Week Ucla – Why being happy matters

And… I’m back!
This year I had the opportunity to present at the TED Week UCLA about my happiness interventions and some of my findings in my queue for constant positivity. Here is the talk in full:

New bed, new jump

Happiness is composed by many little joys. We can never guarantee being happy 100% of the time, but we can (and we should) fill our day with as many pleasurable things as we can.

In my case, I feel a lot of joy by jumping for the first time on a super clean, soft, pre-made bed. I enjoy it so much that I came up with a hashtag for it: #newbednewjump and I’ve been, for the past year, collecting as many of these moments as I can.

So far, I have sixteen of those to share:



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Muda, Brasil

WARNING: This post is not about “making urban interventions to bring joy to people’s routine“, but it IS about urban interventions, and CAN bring joy to people’s routine. I’ll explain:

I’m from Brazil and if you’ve checked any news lately you know a bit about the protests that are happening there.

First thing I need to confess before I write this post, is to say that I’m definitely NOT a politically oriented person. This has always been a subject that I’ve avoided, and part of the reason why, is because it honestly never made too much difference for me. I never needed to use public transportation, public education and always had private doctors to take care of me when I was sick. That being said, why should I bother, right!?

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How much I love my sister

This is not exactly an isawonderfulworld post, but my sister is my favorite person in the world and this is our personal sign to show how much we love each other:


Week 2: Vote!

So, according to the last week poll, I’ll give breakfast on subways! If you want to have a free coffee, just go tomorrow around 9am to 23rd and 6th ave station! : ) I didn’t want to make it on the weekend because I guess it loses the “the rush hour ingredient”. I’ll post about it tomorrow!

And, for this week poll, we have three more options:

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It’s up to you to decide! : )


Every Monday I’ll present a new poll with options of new projects for you to choose. By Friday I’ll take the one with more votes and execute it during the weekend. As soon as I finish, I’ll post about it for you to take a look!

Week 1:
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Yay, today I’m finally launching my blog. I’ve been developing these ideas for the past month, but it’s much better if I can share it with people! I hope you can all enjoy these projects and come back to check all the updates! Meanwhile I execute them, I’ll keep posting pictures and facts that I find interesting in my walks around NY. And again, if there is anything that you would like to share, just send me an e-mail! : )

So, to start, this is a picture that I took at Washington Square. Although it was a rainy and cold day, it didn’t look so sad with my dotted boots and red umbrella!