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What: Dance with strangers on the street
Why: No time for exercises
How: Connect a Wii on an electronic store
When: March, 2011
Where: 17th st and 6th avenue

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Wii on The Streets

Do you remember a long time ago when I created a poll to find out my next intervention? Playing Wii on the Streets was the one with more votes, but by that time I had some technical issues to develop it.

But I kept it in my mind until yesterday, when I was walking on my way home and noticed a new electronic store that has just opened at 6th ave, between 17th and 18th st. They had to big TVs on the display and were nice enough to let me use them.

So, this afternoon there I was inviting people to play with me. Most of them were really shy, specially because of the camera, but we were able to have some fun together!

Thanks to Ann Marie for recording it, and playing some with me too! : )



Week 2: Vote!

So, according to the last week poll, I’ll give breakfast on subways! If you want to have a free coffee, just go tomorrow around 9am to 23rd and 6th ave station! : ) I didn’t want to make it on the weekend because I guess it loses the “the rush hour ingredient”. I’ll post about it tomorrow!

And, for this week poll, we have three more options:

[polldaddy poll=4093157]

It’s up to you to decide! : )