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Why stairs when you can have slides?

When I saw this for the first time, my immediate reaction was: – Why, oh why am I not living there?

Under the fancy name of “Transfer Accelerator”, the dutch design firm called HIK Ontwerpers created this slide to help passengers at the Overvecht Railway Station to make their way faster, and also, much more enjoyable.

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What: Share your umbrella with people in the rain
Why: People might be wet
How: Have a big umbrella and offer your help
When: December, 2011
Where: Chelsea, New York

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It’s decided!

First, I’d like to thank everyone who voted! It was very competitive but we finally have our selection of seven interventions!

Without further ado, the big winner was the Free Coffee on Subways.

Right after it, only one vote behind, came This Is For You. I was surprised because I never made any movie about it, so I guess people might have really liked the concept.

The third place was a tight between: I need your help, Bubble Bike and Share your Umbrella.

At the forth place was Message for you and right after that, Smile to Me.

And this is what I’m going to do: I’ll perform each one of them for the next two weeks. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m very excited because a bunch of friends already said that they are going to help me.

So, this is an invitation for you too. In case you’re around Manhattan in any of these days and want to participate, you’re more than welcome to. In these cases, the more the merrier!

Keep checking for updated schedule and more news. Now it’s going to get fun! : )

Let’s change NY… starting now!

These are all interventions I did last semester, chronologically:

So, here is the deal: I could easily decide those who were more successful, but since the goal of these interventions is to make people’s happier and kinder, I’d love to listen from you, which one would you like to see being improved. In other words, which would be the interventions that would make you feel better if it happened to you?

Tcha ra ra ram:

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p.s: Number 13, 14 and 15 are out of the pool because they are very site-based and might not apply to every occasion:
13. Kindness on the toll: Payed a stranger’s toll.
14. Lyrics on the bike lane: Rio was facing a lot of violence, so I wrote down a lyric about peace.
15. Peaceful Christmas Tree: again about the violence in Rio, I ornamented a tree on a park with white origami pigeons filled with twitters about peace + war + rio.

Let’s change NY

So, if  I don’t find a cool job, this will be my last semester in NY. Which means that I have to take these last weeks and do something really meaningful for the city.  While you all should be cheering for me : ), I’ll create a poll later today with all the interventions I already made so you guys can choose which ones would you like to see repeated.

For now, I spread some balloons over the city linking to the post “how to have a lovely day“:

Please Disturb

Unfortunately, I don’t know who my neighbors are. If I ever need anything, I’m not sure if I would ask them to help me, even though they live 4 ft away.  Thinking about it, Candy Chang, an artist now based at New Orleans, developed these ‘Neighbor Doorknob Hanger‘ where you can state if you have anything to share or you need, with the people that live in the same building as you.

Very simple and effective and nice!