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Just a Thank You note

Everyday  some time between midnight and 5am a guy comes and deliver food on my door. The system is very simple: before I go to bed I leave in front of my apartment an empty refrigerated bag and he replaces it with a bag full of meals and snacks. It’s been three weeks that I signed up for this program and since then I don’t have to worry about groceries and cooking became a leisure more than a necessity.

Anyway, I wanted to thank this person for the effort and I decided to leave a small cake for him/her tonight. I used the diet excuse just because after my I need your help! intervention I realized that this was the more efficient way to persuade people to take food from me. I hope he/she likes!

Why “Thank You” Is More Than Just Good Manners

I just read this interesting article about the effects of gratitude in our welfare. Maybe I could do my next intervention with that in mind. Sometimes it seams to be a superfluous expression around here!

Why “Thank You” Is More Than Just Good Manners.