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Smile and be grateful, 5 minutes per day

It sounds as a cliche, but in fact, one of the key factors for feeling happy, is being grateful. Focus on everything that you have and you like, and all those things that went well, instead of spending your time thinking about what is going wrong in your life.

Also, our brain sometimes likes to be tricked. Every time we smile and act happy, it starts believing that we really are and starts producing more dopamine to make us feel even better.

So I decided to put these two thoughts together and try one new thing in my life: Every day I wake up, and I spend my first five minutes thinking of everything that I’m grateful for. It can be a dessert I had last night, as well as people I’ve met and became important to me. I close my eyes and I smile while I’m thinking about it.

I set the alarm and the time flies by while I’m doing that. The five minutes are gone but, somehow, I’m still smiling inside!

Take a Smile

Hello you that still comes here!

I want to thank you your loyalty and for that, I have a gift for you.

I found this on Facebook and thought it was one of the best things ever:

It's from takeasmile.org

I liked it so much that I had to create one myself and exhibit it at work.

And now you can download it and have smiles of your own to spread!

by Isadora Dantas



Keep Smiling

I have already wrote a lot about the benefits of being a kinder and happier person. I also pointed out that one of the reasons why is good for you to smile, is that when you mimic a positive feeling, your brain starts to assume that you’re in a good humor and you not only feel better, but you also inspire the people around you to smile.

Now I just come across this TED talk:

and I found out that smiling also makes you look GOOD in the eyes of other people. Not only that, they also assume that you’re more competent and reliable. But the funniest part for me, is when Ron Gutman compares the power of smiling to the amount of chocolate you eat. Well, smiling how I smile and eating chocolate the way I eat… no wonder why I’m so happy!

Lovely poster by Susana Parada.

Spreading smiles!

I’ve been in LA for a little bit more than one month now and I feel it is still soon to start with all the comparisons to NY. But… there’s one thing that I couldn’t not notice: People here DO smile to each other! True Fact!

It is not only normal to smile to strangers here, but they don’t avoid eye contact either! It’s really fantastic! I’ve even been practicing walking always with at least a half smile on my face, because it makes it much easier to turn on a full smile, anytime I need it! And it’s usually often!

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What: Promote smile among strangers on subway
Why: People try to avoid eye contact and interaction
How: Hold signs asking people to smile for you
When: March, 2011
Where: F Train, Dumbo Area

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Smiles in Washigton Square

As I mentioned before, I was surprised when I arrived at the Washington Square Park last Saturday and saw so many people involved in colorful and happy projects. One specifically called my attention. It was full of yellow ribbons and from far, all I could read was “SMILE”. The idea was that people should write on a ribbon what makes them happy and they could pick up another ribbons that contained something also meaningful for them. It was somehow related to my Share some Love and reminded me of the I wish your wish exhibition.

Overall, I was very happy to see that there were so many people synchronized in thoughts to achieve something positive and fun in public space. The author was Abby Wurtele, a NYU student, and what she explained to me is that it was supposed to be an interactive art piece where she wasn’t supposed to give direct instructions. Her purpose was to leave something that would make other people happy. And according to what I could see, it worked pretty well. I still have my “Applauding the first green shoots of spring”.

10 ways to make a stranger smile

This is a reel of the past interventions. I still have to make the individual movies and tutorials to each one of them.


10 ways to make a stranger smile without leaving the routine and without spending money. : )

Would you smile for me?

This week I was introduced to that art sign on subway station at 14th st saying “Please don’t smile to strangers”. The reason behind that, I guess, is to instruct tourists that NYC may not be what we call a very warm place.

And my reaction to that is exactly the opposite: try to make this place that we chose to live as nice as possible.

Thinking about that, I went to the subway and hold some signs “Would you smile for me” and “Have a great day”. Fortunately I had some friends with me and it was even funner than I imagined, we started to compete who would receive more “smiles”. Katie won! : )





The day a smile stopped São Paulo


My friend sent me this link and I absolutely LOVED it! Unfortunately, there is no subtitles in english, but it is about an advertisement campaign that had eleven radio stations to play at the same time a record asking people to smile to each other in transit. Simple like that! 🙂