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Refresh Everything – let’s vote

IsA Wonderful World is one of the finalists to receive a grand from Pepsi and change the communities in USA.

Our plan is to spend three months traveling all USA and make interventions in at least thirty different cities.

You can find some examples of the interventions we’ll make here.

Or watch this 1min video that describes our main proposal:

If you like the idea and want to help us bringing more joy and break the routine of big cities, please visit the Refresh Everything site and vote on our idea!

10 ways to make a stranger smile

This is a reel of the past interventions. I still have to make the individual movies and tutorials to each one of them.


10 ways to make a stranger smile without leaving the routine and without spending money. : )

An Application to break the routine

It’s very easy to complain that technology has been drifting us apart, and that’s why I love to show examples of how we can use it to bring us together.

The Situationist app for Iphone is an example of it. By taking three easy steps you can bring extra-ordinary moments to your routine. First, when you login, you have the chance to choose which tasks you would like people to perform to you, and it can vary from hugging you for five seconds to discuss about the war. You may also add your own options. Then, you just wait and when you’re close enough to someone that is also using the application, you will receive a note with the task and the person’s picture. You have five minutes to perform and leave. And that’s it, your life just became a little bit more unpredictable.

Interventions at Times Square

Today I had a very special guest to help me. She not only wanted to record, but she participated and gave me wonderful ideas for the next interventions! Her name is Daphne Levitzchi and we chose this particular windy and cold day to go to a place where we definitely would find many potential people to entertain: Times Square!

While we were there, we could do many important things:

1) Helped strangers taking pictures

2) Made their time pass faster by playing Rock, Scissors, Papers

3) Hold the doors for people notice how nice it is

5) and made a family happy with our balloons!

By the end, we even had time for coffee and cupcakes!

That’s what I call a productive day! : )

It’s decided!

First, I’d like to thank everyone who voted! It was very competitive but we finally have our selection of seven interventions!

Without further ado, the big winner was the Free Coffee on Subways.

Right after it, only one vote behind, came This Is For You. I was surprised because I never made any movie about it, so I guess people might have really liked the concept.

The third place was a tight between: I need your help, Bubble Bike and Share your Umbrella.

At the forth place was Message for you and right after that, Smile to Me.

And this is what I’m going to do: I’ll perform each one of them for the next two weeks. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m very excited because a bunch of friends already said that they are going to help me.

So, this is an invitation for you too. In case you’re around Manhattan in any of these days and want to participate, you’re more than welcome to. In these cases, the more the merrier!

Keep checking for updated schedule and more news. Now it’s going to get fun! : )

Let’s change NY… starting now!

These are all interventions I did last semester, chronologically:

So, here is the deal: I could easily decide those who were more successful, but since the goal of these interventions is to make people’s happier and kinder, I’d love to listen from you, which one would you like to see being improved. In other words, which would be the interventions that would make you feel better if it happened to you?

Tcha ra ra ram:

[polldaddy poll=4517530]

p.s: Number 13, 14 and 15 are out of the pool because they are very site-based and might not apply to every occasion:
13. Kindness on the toll: Payed a stranger’s toll.
14. Lyrics on the bike lane: Rio was facing a lot of violence, so I wrote down a lyric about peace.
15. Peaceful Christmas Tree: again about the violence in Rio, I ornamented a tree on a park with white origami pigeons filled with twitters about peace + war + rio.

Let’s change NY

So, if  I don’t find a cool job, this will be my last semester in NY. Which means that I have to take these last weeks and do something really meaningful for the city.  While you all should be cheering for me : ), I’ll create a poll later today with all the interventions I already made so you guys can choose which ones would you like to see repeated.

For now, I spread some balloons over the city linking to the post “how to have a lovely day“:

How to have a lovely day

My friend just sent it to me:


I couldn’t agree more. What have you been doing to have a lovely day?