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I wish your wish

In Brazil we have a very common tradition regarding the small strips that we take at Nosso Senhor do Bonfim Church, Salvador, Bahia. They come in a wide variety of colors and its said that they can make your wishes come true.

It goes like this: for each wish you have, you tide one of this strips around your wrist and you use them until they break apart. It can last from one month to years. But it’s said that once they’re broke, your wish comes true.

An artist called Rivane Neuenschwander took this idea to create her installation I wish your Wish, which was at The New Museum until last month. If you had the chance to go, you saw a big white room filled with colorful strips, each one with a desired stated. They varied from “I wish Obama to be reelected” to “I wish a Healthy Life to my son”. You could take as many as you wanted, as long as you replaced them with your own wishes. And then, you’re supporting a stranger’s goal.

I took “I wish the world is my home” and I left there… well, if I tell maybe it won’t become true! But the good part is that you can still add your wishes online and they will be part of the next installation! Just click here.