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Share some Love in New York

The Ultimate Intervention Day! Today was a day to be remembered! : )

First of all, it was the best day of the year. It was sunny, warm and we could actually see the first signs of spring. Everybody seamed happy, using bright colors and carrying a big smile.

Then, we decided to go to Washington Square, which is usually a nice place, but specially today, there were tones of events happening at the same time. All of them about happiness. José Saramago has a book where everybody from a city suddenly wakes up blind, well, in New York it looked like today, everybody woke up kind!

I set my booth as usual, but the goal for today was to “Share some Love”. People who participated should write a small note to a stranger, leave it in the box, and pick up another random note that a stranger has just left to them. I wasn’t supposed to read none of the notes, because I wanted to make everybody feel comfortable, but they all looked very satisfied with their notes.

And I had a lot of great help: Chris Choi and Burcum Turkmen were there recording and marketing the event with me. And also Liz Kauff was doing a parallel intervention, which I will talk about later.

The Crew!

Secret Santa Comes Earlier

Every kid’s dream is to wake up and see the Christmas’ Tree full of gifts. When this fantasy can become true for a much larger audience, this is even more wonderful.

So, that’s exactly what a stranger did yesterday: he went to the Pembrey country park,  South Wales, and spread several  presents on the trees, from Teletubbies and Mickey Mouse to the Winnie the Pooh puppet, everything very colorful and cheerful, besides a nice greeting note to each one of them.

This is the second time this Secret Santa does that and, unfortunately, he is now facing litter charges just because he may be causing disorder due to his generosity. This is another case where a random act of kindness can cause you troubles… : (

The more than 600 toys will be donated to children’s charity (which is not bad at all). But I believe the whole population should gather and defend this noble man, and use him as an example to be followed all around the world!

Starting from myself! : )