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Spreading smiles!

I’ve been in LA for a little bit more than one month now and I feel it is still soon to start with all the comparisons to NY. But… there’s one thing that I couldn’t not notice: People here DO smile to each other! True Fact!

It is not only normal to smile to strangers here, but they don’t avoid eye contact either! It’s really fantastic! I’ve even been practicing walking always with at least a half smile on my face, because it makes it much easier to turn on a full smile, anytime I need it! And it’s usually often!

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What: Solicited people’s help
Why: People are not used to help solicitors
How: offered something good: chocolates
When: September, 2010
Where: 7th ave and 18th st, New York

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What: Leave objects in places they might be useful
Why: Add positive surprise to people’s routine
How: See what a place might need and leave it there
When: September, 2010
Where: Everywhere

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What: Share your umbrella with people in the rain
Why: People might be wet
How: Have a big umbrella and offer your help
When: December, 2011
Where: Chelsea, New York

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Free Condoms in NYC

Umut Ozover is a very unique person. He’s confident, direct, persuasive and has an incredible sense of humor. That’s why I shouldn’t be so surprised when he told me he wanted to offer free condoms as his Ultimate Intervention.

I’m not sure if this would be an intervention that I would personally make, but all I asked from people was that they came up with an idea that would add something positive to people’s routine and that everybody could profit from. And I have to say that this guy has a point:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/22273667 w=610&h=343]

Just Another Love Story

This is not exactly related to kindness, but it’s the movie I made with the bouquet below. I just wish I had a tripod, but even though I think Chris Choi and Ann Marie look really nice together.

My intention behind this was to show that relationships usually may follow a traditional path, with ups and downs, and we all end up in the same place, sooner or later.


Flowers make me happy

Today I had to buy some flowers to shoot a short movie. By the end of the recording, I was left with the bouquet in my hands. I hope the owner of the car appreciates Daffodils.

I know it’s something very small, but it gave me good ideas of notes and adds and gifts that I could leave at parking lots,


Collaborative Drawing

Do you know when I ask you guys to send me some ideas so we can execute? Well, the reason why I do that is because it usually can lead into awesome things!

I woke up today and there was a message from Liz Belfer on my phone saying: “Maybe we could ask each person to draw or write something on the same piece of paper to make a spontaneous art piece”.

Just a couple of hours later we were on the L train asking for people to collaborate. Thanks for Liz’s charisma we had many people participating, from all ages and genders.

The result you see below:

Thanks Liz, for an awesome experience!

Free Coffee Days

This is not another Free Coffee intervention of mine. Actually, it’s an initiative from SeamlessWeb and it has been happening in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. This week it’s all around Lower Manhattan.

At the Free Coffee Days website you can check which are the establishment that are offering free coffee. Once you find the one closest to you, you can go there and grab a coffee everyday as long as the promotion lasts. You can bring your friends, family, neighbors and everybody you may find.

Things like this don’t happen so often. And I’m lucky to have one store like that exactly on my way from home to school!


Wii on The Streets

Do you remember a long time ago when I created a poll to find out my next intervention? Playing Wii on the Streets was the one with more votes, but by that time I had some technical issues to develop it.

But I kept it in my mind until yesterday, when I was walking on my way home and noticed a new electronic store that has just opened at 6th ave, between 17th and 18th st. They had to big TVs on the display and were nice enough to let me use them.

So, this afternoon there I was inviting people to play with me. Most of them were really shy, specially because of the camera, but we were able to have some fun together!

Thanks to Ann Marie for recording it, and playing some with me too! : )