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10 ways to make a stranger smile

This is a reel of the past interventions. I still have to make the individual movies and tutorials to each one of them.


10 ways to make a stranger smile without leaving the routine and without spending money. : )


Today I started my marathon of bringing joy to people’s routine in NYC!

The idea was very simple: give Free Compliments to people. After all, if the world is letting you down, there’s nothing better than a compliment to enhance your self-esteem.

I met great people and, to be honest, when I left the intervention was feeling much better about myself. And it didn’t cost me more than 30 min!

Fortunately, I had a lot of help. There goes a big and special THANK YOU to Stefanie Duque and Seul Lee, for the recording and support.

I’m still working on the footage, but these are some pictures:

Tomorrow I will do another intervention. Any ideas? I’d love to hear! Send me an e-mail to isawonderfulworld@yahoo.com

It’s decided!

First, I’d like to thank everyone who voted! It was very competitive but we finally have our selection of seven interventions!

Without further ado, the big winner was the Free Coffee on Subways.

Right after it, only one vote behind, came This Is For You. I was surprised because I never made any movie about it, so I guess people might have really liked the concept.

The third place was a tight between: I need your help, Bubble Bike and Share your Umbrella.

At the forth place was Message for you and right after that, Smile to Me.

And this is what I’m going to do: I’ll perform each one of them for the next two weeks. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m very excited because a bunch of friends already said that they are going to help me.

So, this is an invitation for you too. In case you’re around Manhattan in any of these days and want to participate, you’re more than welcome to. In these cases, the more the merrier!

Keep checking for updated schedule and more news. Now it’s going to get fun! : )

Let’s change NY… starting now!

These are all interventions I did last semester, chronologically:

So, here is the deal: I could easily decide those who were more successful, but since the goal of these interventions is to make people’s happier and kinder, I’d love to listen from you, which one would you like to see being improved. In other words, which would be the interventions that would make you feel better if it happened to you?

Tcha ra ra ram:

[polldaddy poll=4517530]

p.s: Number 13, 14 and 15 are out of the pool because they are very site-based and might not apply to every occasion:
13. Kindness on the toll: Payed a stranger’s toll.
14. Lyrics on the bike lane: Rio was facing a lot of violence, so I wrote down a lyric about peace.
15. Peaceful Christmas Tree: again about the violence in Rio, I ornamented a tree on a park with white origami pigeons filled with twitters about peace + war + rio.

Let’s change NY

So, if  I don’t find a cool job, this will be my last semester in NY. Which means that I have to take these last weeks and do something really meaningful for the city.  While you all should be cheering for me : ), I’ll create a poll later today with all the interventions I already made so you guys can choose which ones would you like to see repeated.

For now, I spread some balloons over the city linking to the post “how to have a lovely day“:

I wish your wish

In Brazil we have a very common tradition regarding the small strips that we take at Nosso Senhor do Bonfim Church, Salvador, Bahia. They come in a wide variety of colors and its said that they can make your wishes come true.

It goes like this: for each wish you have, you tide one of this strips around your wrist and you use them until they break apart. It can last from one month to years. But it’s said that once they’re broke, your wish comes true.

An artist called Rivane Neuenschwander took this idea to create her installation I wish your Wish, which was at The New Museum until last month. If you had the chance to go, you saw a big white room filled with colorful strips, each one with a desired stated. They varied from “I wish Obama to be reelected” to “I wish a Healthy Life to my son”. You could take as many as you wanted, as long as you replaced them with your own wishes. And then, you’re supporting a stranger’s goal.

I took “I wish the world is my home” and I left there… well, if I tell maybe it won’t become true! But the good part is that you can still add your wishes online and they will be part of the next installation! Just click here.


Free coffee on the Subway Station!

photo by Luiza Trigo

So… following your request, today I went t 9:00am to the 23rd station at 6th avenue to offer some free coffee to people. The idea behind of that is that here in New York we are always in such a hurry that is hard even to find time to have a coffee before going to work!

photo by Luiza Trigo

It was a very good experience, people were very receptive and kind. One guy asked me: – Why? Why are you doing that? Nobody here does it! And My answer: That’s exactly why!!!

Another girl was exclaiming: – Uow, that could be the beginning of a love story!

photo by Luiza Trigo

photo by Luiza Trigo

I, personally, just like to imagine that in someway I can affect those people’s day and, by doing that, start a new chain of something good! : )

So, you choose to see that, you deserve it:


And once again, thanks for my friend Luiza Trigo for filming and photographing it! : )

Week 2: Vote!

So, according to the last week poll, I’ll give breakfast on subways! If you want to have a free coffee, just go tomorrow around 9am to 23rd and 6th ave station! : ) I didn’t want to make it on the weekend because I guess it loses the “the rush hour ingredient”. I’ll post about it tomorrow!

And, for this week poll, we have three more options:

[polldaddy poll=4093157]

It’s up to you to decide! : )

Can I help you?

Before I came to New York, I was 100% sure that nothing could change my personality, not even the toughest environment ever. I would normally feel a lack of touch but as soon as I was back to Brazil I would start hugging everybody I knew and suddenly it would all be normal again.

But in the real life, that’s not exactly what happened, and I just noticed that some months ago: I was crossing a street, completely late to my internship, when I saw a blind woman trying to find her way. I don’t even like to say it, but I kept walking after that. It took me one second to realize that I was wrong and turn back to help her, but she had already found herself. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and asking myself why my first reaction wasn’t to immediately help that woman.

I can’t bring that moment back again, but I definitely can thing about my next decisions. So, in order to redeem myself, I wrote in a white t-shirt “Can I help you?” and my idea is just to go around the city and help random people, like moms with their baby’s carts to climb the subway stairs, old people with their groceries and so it goes.

It’s like that Kick Ass movie, but hopefully I won’t have to wear any weird stuff besides this t-shirt (which is already kind of poorly designed itself).

I wore it on Saturday at 6pm, but it was already getting late and I couldn’t find any “victim” except for another blind man at 14th st with 6th ave that said he didn’t need any help.

So, I’ll let you know the next time I wear it!

Subway Good Manners

Another complain that I received this week was about people spreading their legs on subway, even when it’s crowded. It occurs specially on the new trains, because the old ones (yellow and orange) already have delimited seats.

So today my friends and I decided to improvise this delimitation with some tape. We took the L train until the 8th avenue station, waited for the cleaning guy to leave and started to tape the lines on the train, than quickly moved to other seats to try to disguise what we were doing.

I must confess that I’m that kind of girl who never did anything wrong in the childhood, so the feeling that I could be “damaging” public propriety was making me really nervous. Specially here in US, where you can be arrested for basically anything.

Anyway, we were seating and waiting to see what would be people’s reaction and I guess New Yorkers are already used to any kind of weird thing, but I was happy to see that all the limits were respected! At least this time! : )