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10 ways to make a stranger smile

This is a reel of the past interventions. I still have to make the individual movies and tutorials to each one of them.


10 ways to make a stranger smile without leaving the routine and without spending money. : )

When to talk at the movies?

People watch movies differently, there are those who like to comment and those who like to be concentrated. And if you’re like my dad, you like to guess what is going to happen on the next scene and say it out loud so, in case you’re right, all the rest of the audience is going to know how smart you are.

No matter what your type is, it must be an unanimity that nobody likes to be bothered and since theaters are public spaces, we must know how to behavior. I must say that watching movies is one of my favorite activities and there’s nothing more irritating than being anxiously waiting for the lights to fade out and be transported to another reality when there is a person behind you that cannot stop talking for even a second.

So that’s why Joe from The Incivilian suggested me to make a graph about “When it’s ok to talk on a movie” I didn’t think twice. And here it is:

You can also download the graph here.

More baloons, please!

I have always been fond of these little things that can make any environment look happier, like bubbles, bright colors, and, of course, balloons! I used them in my Free Coffee experiment and felt really confident when walking around NYC’s streets with those floating colorful spheres. After all, I wasn’t alone, I was with my balloons!

So, you can imagine my delight when I was introduced to this short movie, made on 1956, called Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon), by Albert Lamorisse. Although this movie won many awards, I hadn’t heard about it yet. The little boy and girl are the director’s son and the photography is just amazing. It’s worthy seeing, even if you skip some parts.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/15187075]