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What: Leave positive notes in random places
Why: Add positive surprise to people’s routine
How: Leaving greeting and unaddressed cards
When: August, 2010
Where: Around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Message for you, in Germany

When they say friendship is forever, is because it’s true. Danilo and I are friends since high-school, but since we both like to travel a lot, it’s been more than four years that we’re not living in the same country. He went to Spain, I went to Italy, he went to France, I came to New York, and now he is doing his masters in Oldenburg, Germany.

But even tough we have not been so currently present in each others life, the moment I sent him an e-mail asking if he could help me, he not only accepted, but invited other friends and they together did this awesome intervention and spread these nice notes around their neighborhood. I couldn’t stop smiling! It’s so cute!

So, now I’ll let him explain to you what they’re doing! Enjoy!

Danilolow!!! muito, muito obrigada!!! : )

Share some Love in New York

The Ultimate Intervention Day! Today was a day to be remembered! : )

First of all, it was the best day of the year. It was sunny, warm and we could actually see the first signs of spring. Everybody seamed happy, using bright colors and carrying a big smile.

Then, we decided to go to Washington Square, which is usually a nice place, but specially today, there were tones of events happening at the same time. All of them about happiness. José Saramago has a book where everybody from a city suddenly wakes up blind, well, in New York it looked like today, everybody woke up kind!

I set my booth as usual, but the goal for today was to “Share some Love”. People who participated should write a small note to a stranger, leave it in the box, and pick up another random note that a stranger has just left to them. I wasn’t supposed to read none of the notes, because I wanted to make everybody feel comfortable, but they all looked very satisfied with their notes.

And I had a lot of great help: Chris Choi and Burcum Turkmen were there recording and marketing the event with me. And also Liz Kauff was doing a parallel intervention, which I will talk about later.

The Crew!

Just a Thank You note

Everyday  some time between midnight and 5am a guy comes and deliver food on my door. The system is very simple: before I go to bed I leave in front of my apartment an empty refrigerated bag and he replaces it with a bag full of meals and snacks. It’s been three weeks that I signed up for this program and since then I don’t have to worry about groceries and cooking became a leisure more than a necessity.

Anyway, I wanted to thank this person for the effort and I decided to leave a small cake for him/her tonight. I used the diet excuse just because after my I need your help! intervention I realized that this was the more efficient way to persuade people to take food from me. I hope he/she likes!

Easy way to say thank you!

People usually complain that these new features of modern life have made us less emotional and more practical. And with everything around us moving so fast is even harder to find time to the small things that make always the big differences.

What if we could have the best of two worlds? RedStamp found this solution with an application that facilitates to the extreme the simple act of saying Thank You or making a compliment. It is also customizable and thoughtful even though if it is created through a screen.

With this application you can send notes, add your pictures, choose a style and send to anyone you want. And if you’re one of those who don’t value anything that is not in paper, for $1.29 you can send this person a postcard with your image, by mail.