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Refresh Everything – let’s vote

IsA Wonderful World is one of the finalists to receive a grand from Pepsi and change the communities in USA.

Our plan is to spend three months traveling all USA and make interventions in at least thirty different cities.

You can find some examples of the interventions we’ll make here.

Or watch this 1min video that describes our main proposal:

If you like the idea and want to help us bringing more joy and break the routine of big cities, please visit the Refresh Everything site and vote on our idea!


What: Offered Free Coffee on Subway stations
Why: People are in a hurry and don’t have time for breakfast
How: Bought Coffee and set a table at the subway station
When: November, 2010
Where: 23rd and 6th avenue, subway station – New York

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Just a Thank You note

Everyday  some time between midnight and 5am a guy comes and deliver food on my door. The system is very simple: before I go to bed I leave in front of my apartment an empty refrigerated bag and he replaces it with a bag full of meals and snacks. It’s been three weeks that I signed up for this program and since then I don’t have to worry about groceries and cooking became a leisure more than a necessity.

Anyway, I wanted to thank this person for the effort and I decided to leave a small cake for him/her tonight. I used the diet excuse just because after my I need your help! intervention I realized that this was the more efficient way to persuade people to take food from me. I hope he/she likes!

Happy 2011

I know it was a while ago, but the Kind Game went pretty well, and now that we’re arriving to the end of the year, I was imagining that it would be really nice if we could use the same principle all year long.

Besides the usual resolutions like lose weight, each day I’ll try to do something good, not just for me, but to others.

I remember when a couple of years ago I was feeling really sad and I decided that each day I would do something that I had never done before. I kept it for at least two months, until I was feeling better. I had a lot of fun, and did a lot of things since trying a new food to scuba diving. It was much easier than I imagined and extremely successful in cheering me up!

I’ll start my list and, just as an inspiration, these are the cards that I created to my Kind Game.

The Kind Game

Today I’ll be performing at Photofeast. I’ll be spreading cards among visitors with ten different tasks, from make a compliment to a stranger and hold the door. The idea is that each person has to follow one of these actions and pass the card to the person who received his act of kindness. And so this goes until the whole card is completed. The first group to complete the whole card wins.

Share your Umbrella

Yesterday it was raining all day long. A very good opportunity to try a different thing: When I took a walk around my neighborhood with a very big umbrella, I kept asking people that I saw that didn’t have how to protect themselves from the rain if they wanted to share my umbrella.

As usual, some of them were really suspicious and would rather stay wet. Others (the minority) timidly accepted. A good way to help others without spending a penny!

The Gift Economy in Practice

In order to develop my projects, I’ve been researching a lot about “The Gift Theory“. Apparently, there are some societies where the big part of the economy is based on spontaneous exchange of goods and services which are performed without any specific reward in mind. But, since it’s part of the culture, those gifts are always circulating. Is that old story of what goes around comes around, but within specific cases.

The interesting part of it is that, if you receive a gift, you’re supposed to spend it, because in case you use it to generate profits, you’re ruining the chain. The same way that if you return a favor directly to the person who gave it to you, you’re not creating a chain either. The idea is always to expand the gifts the most you can.

So, this whole introduction was to describe a particular situation that happened to me and made me very happy: every week I go to Le Pain Quotidien to have lunch. In fact, I go so much that the waiters already know by heart what I want (I don’t vary either). Last time, however, I skipped my favorite part: the mini brownie for dessert, because I was starting another diet that I wouldn’t follow.

When I was already paying the bill, the waitress left a mini-brownie on my table and said: – This is for you! She completely made my day! And it made me think that maybe my chocolates for help/ free coffee are returning to me, but in a much better way! Isn’t it wonderful? Time to think for the next intervention, then…

Free coffee on the Subway Station!

photo by Luiza Trigo

So… following your request, today I went t 9:00am to the 23rd station at 6th avenue to offer some free coffee to people. The idea behind of that is that here in New York we are always in such a hurry that is hard even to find time to have a coffee before going to work!

photo by Luiza Trigo

It was a very good experience, people were very receptive and kind. One guy asked me: – Why? Why are you doing that? Nobody here does it! And My answer: That’s exactly why!!!

Another girl was exclaiming: – Uow, that could be the beginning of a love story!

photo by Luiza Trigo

photo by Luiza Trigo

I, personally, just like to imagine that in someway I can affect those people’s day and, by doing that, start a new chain of something good! : )

So, you choose to see that, you deserve it:


And once again, thanks for my friend Luiza Trigo for filming and photographing it! : )

Week 2: Vote!

So, according to the last week poll, I’ll give breakfast on subways! If you want to have a free coffee, just go tomorrow around 9am to 23rd and 6th ave station! : ) I didn’t want to make it on the weekend because I guess it loses the “the rush hour ingredient”. I’ll post about it tomorrow!

And, for this week poll, we have three more options:

[polldaddy poll=4093157]

It’s up to you to decide! : )

Can I help you?

Before I came to New York, I was 100% sure that nothing could change my personality, not even the toughest environment ever. I would normally feel a lack of touch but as soon as I was back to Brazil I would start hugging everybody I knew and suddenly it would all be normal again.

But in the real life, that’s not exactly what happened, and I just noticed that some months ago: I was crossing a street, completely late to my internship, when I saw a blind woman trying to find her way. I don’t even like to say it, but I kept walking after that. It took me one second to realize that I was wrong and turn back to help her, but she had already found herself. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and asking myself why my first reaction wasn’t to immediately help that woman.

I can’t bring that moment back again, but I definitely can thing about my next decisions. So, in order to redeem myself, I wrote in a white t-shirt “Can I help you?” and my idea is just to go around the city and help random people, like moms with their baby’s carts to climb the subway stairs, old people with their groceries and so it goes.

It’s like that Kick Ass movie, but hopefully I won’t have to wear any weird stuff besides this t-shirt (which is already kind of poorly designed itself).

I wore it on Saturday at 6pm, but it was already getting late and I couldn’t find any “victim” except for another blind man at 14th st with 6th ave that said he didn’t need any help.

So, I’ll let you know the next time I wear it!