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The Ultimate Intervention

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of ideas of nice things to do to break the routine of people by bringing joy.

So I decided to take a day to invite people to do the same, wherever they are. I already have representatives in USA and Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo), and the more the merrier. Imagine how nice would it be to have many people engaged in doing nice things all around the world, at least for one day?

So I’m developing some kits of everything you need to make these interventions and I’m willing to send them to everyone who decides to participate. All I ask is that you record (pictures or movies) and send to me so I can publish it here! Also, invite your friends, you’re going to notice that is much, much more fun if you have some company!

Don Norman said that happy people are more inclined to act positively and be kinder to others. So, why not? It could be the start of a kind chain. I also understand that each place has its specific characteristics, so I would love to hear your suggestion of what to do in your city.

If you’re interested, or curious, please send me an e-mail to isawonderfulworld [at] yahoo [dot]  com with the subject “Ultimate Intervention” and let me know where you are! Let’s have fun together!

Wii on The Streets

Do you remember a long time ago when I created a poll to find out my next intervention? Playing Wii on the Streets was the one with more votes, but by that time I had some technical issues to develop it.

But I kept it in my mind until yesterday, when I was walking on my way home and noticed a new electronic store that has just opened at 6th ave, between 17th and 18th st. They had to big TVs on the display and were nice enough to let me use them.

So, this afternoon there I was inviting people to play with me. Most of them were really shy, specially because of the camera, but we were able to have some fun together!

Thanks to Ann Marie for recording it, and playing some with me too! : )



Subway Good Manners

Another complain that I received this week was about people spreading their legs on subway, even when it’s crowded. It occurs specially on the new trains, because the old ones (yellow and orange) already have delimited seats.

So today my friends and I decided to improvise this delimitation with some tape. We took the L train until the 8th avenue station, waited for the cleaning guy to leave and started to tape the lines on the train, than quickly moved to other seats to try to disguise what we were doing.

I must confess that I’m that kind of girl who never did anything wrong in the childhood, so the feeling that I could be “damaging” public propriety was making me really nervous. Specially here in US, where you can be arrested for basically anything.

Anyway, we were seating and waiting to see what would be people’s reaction and I guess New Yorkers are already used to any kind of weird thing, but I was happy to see that all the limits were respected! At least this time! : )