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Tie on The Beach

You might have already noticed that I like pretty much anything that interrupts the day and brings some fun. That’s why I usually love all the scenes caused by ImprovEverywhere!

The last one was a reproduction of “Black Tie on the Beach”. The title is self-explanatory: a day spent on the beach, doing things you do on the beach, but wearing Black Tie:

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The Art of Improvisation

Improveverywhere is a huge precedent of mine. They are a collective whose main goal is to bring chaos and joy to public space and they’re behind some of my coolest moments here in NYC, like the MP3 experiment and No Pants on Subway.

However, I wasn’t able to witness one of my favorites: Spontaneous Musical. I know a lot of people who don’t like this kind of movie, find cheesy and very out of reality. But why do we go to movies if is not to see fantastic things? I personally love, and every time I watch one I leave the theater with an urge to run and sing at the same time, even though I cannot really do neither of them. It doesn’t matter, it’s a great way to break the routine and bring joy to our daily lives:

And yes, I watch Glee and download the songs so I can pretend that I’m part of the scene.