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Best way to celebrate a birthday

You probably already know Lucas Jatobá, the guy who spread colorful balloons around Barcelona. In this post I had described it as the perfect way to say goodbye! Well, the good thing about amazing people is that they never stop being amazing. And now Lucas surprises us once more by showing what is the best way to celebrate a birthday: yes, it has to do with gifts, but in this case, to other people besides you!

30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

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Best way to say goodbye

I usually say that there’s no good way to say goodbye. We may try to find the right words, do the right thing, and in the end, at least one of the sides is going to feel sad about it. And I would probably still affirm that for the rest of my life if I hadn’t see this:


This guy had to say goodbye to Barcelona after three years living there and, to celebrate it and thank for the good times, he spread several balloons around the city with tickets for different plays.

I loved the letter and the visuals. I had always felt that nothing could be added to Barcelona’s landscape to make it even more beautiful, and once again I was wrong. Colorful balloons complimented it really well.

Now I’m starting this internal  battle to find a way to overcome myself and create something to celebrate my two years here in NY. Big Apple, I promise, I won’t let you down! : )

Gift a Stranger

One of my interventions was to spread small gifts around my block in New York. I left a book on a Coffee Shop, a flower, some stamps on a post office and etc. I called it Surprise!.

Recently I’ve found out that some smart guys used technology to take this idea to a global sphere. It’s called Gift a Stranger and what this platform basically does is to provide you with a random address of someone around the world and you send a gift to them. To participate is easy as 1,2,3. Literally.

You can also check who received what, and I should tell you that is good to see how people can be altruistically generous sometimes!

Spreading Kindness at Washington, DC

Yesterday my friend and I started a short road trip, from NY to Washington and stopping at Atlantic City on the way back.

But it’s not just because we’re on our free time that it’s going to stop us from spreading kindness: while we were enjoying a nice day outside, I saw one of those machines that people use to buy the tickets when parking the car and, since I had some coins and note cards on my purse (now I’m always carrying them), one idea follows the other and, two minutes later, I was leaving a nice note for the next tourist that happens to stop the car there. If it depends on my coins, he will have at least 30 minutes to take some pictures!

These are the pictures that Luiza took:

First the cards!

My hands desperately need a moisturizer!

Dear tourist, this is for you!

We just didn’t want people to think it was a bomb or something like that!

And at a very well located place!

Meanwhile, these are some of the pictures that I took there:

The Gift Economy in Practice

In order to develop my projects, I’ve been researching a lot about “The Gift Theory“. Apparently, there are some societies where the big part of the economy is based on spontaneous exchange of goods and services which are performed without any specific reward in mind. But, since it’s part of the culture, those gifts are always circulating. Is that old story of what goes around comes around, but within specific cases.

The interesting part of it is that, if you receive a gift, you’re supposed to spend it, because in case you use it to generate profits, you’re ruining the chain. The same way that if you return a favor directly to the person who gave it to you, you’re not creating a chain either. The idea is always to expand the gifts the most you can.

So, this whole introduction was to describe a particular situation that happened to me and made me very happy: every week I go to Le Pain Quotidien to have lunch. In fact, I go so much that the waiters already know by heart what I want (I don’t vary either). Last time, however, I skipped my favorite part: the mini brownie for dessert, because I was starting another diet that I wouldn’t follow.

When I was already paying the bill, the waitress left a mini-brownie on my table and said: – This is for you! She completely made my day! And it made me think that maybe my chocolates for help/ free coffee are returning to me, but in a much better way! Isn’t it wonderful? Time to think for the next intervention, then…