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Why stairs when you can have slides?

When I saw this for the first time, my immediate reaction was: – Why, oh why am I not living there?

Under the fancy name of “Transfer Accelerator”, the dutch design firm called HIK Ontwerpers created this slide to help passengers at the Overvecht Railway Station to make their way faster, and also, much more enjoyable.

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For some peace in Rio

I arrived yesterday and Rio is literally facing a civil war. So, I decided to do the following: I’m collecting a lot of tweets using the words  ‘peace’, ‘war’ and ‘rio’ (paz, guerra e rio), and I’m going to write them down on pieces of paper, and fold them in the shape of pigeons. Then, I’m going to spread them on parks. It’s very simple, I know, I just think that it can create a nice message of peace.

If you want to participate, just send me your message (comment, e-mail or tweet) and I will add it to the project.

Meanwhile, since the goal of this website is to raise joy (not the opposite), this is a video of one of the things that makes me happy: to sing while I’m driving until my throat hurts! If it’s with a friend, is even better!

p.s: for all native English speakers this will be an audio and semantic torture, for those non native, this will be just an audio torture…


Free coffee on the Subway Station!

photo by Luiza Trigo

So… following your request, today I went t 9:00am to the 23rd station at 6th avenue to offer some free coffee to people. The idea behind of that is that here in New York we are always in such a hurry that is hard even to find time to have a coffee before going to work!

photo by Luiza Trigo

It was a very good experience, people were very receptive and kind. One guy asked me: – Why? Why are you doing that? Nobody here does it! And My answer: That’s exactly why!!!

Another girl was exclaiming: – Uow, that could be the beginning of a love story!

photo by Luiza Trigo

photo by Luiza Trigo

I, personally, just like to imagine that in someway I can affect those people’s day and, by doing that, start a new chain of something good! : )

So, you choose to see that, you deserve it:

And once again, thanks for my friend Luiza Trigo for filming and photographing it! : )