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What: Offered help to random people
Why: Sometimes we need help but are afraid to ask
How: Wore a t-shirt and approached people
When: October, 2010
Where: around East Village, New York

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Interventions at Times Square

Today I had a very special guest to help me. She not only wanted to record, but she participated and gave me wonderful ideas for the next interventions! Her name is Daphne Levitzchi and we chose this particular windy and cold day to go to a place where we definitely would find many potential people to entertain: Times Square!

While we were there, we could do many important things:

1) Helped strangers taking pictures

2) Made their time pass faster by playing Rock, Scissors, Papers

3) Hold the doors for people notice how nice it is

5) and made a family happy with our balloons!

By the end, we even had time for coffee and cupcakes!

That’s what I call a productive day! : )

How to pass through a door

Talking to a friend, we arrived to a conclusion that people here in NY are not very good in holding the door for others, and in case we do hold for them, sometimes they may pass through it without even saying “Thank You”.

Although it’s a very simple process, it may not be clear to everyone, so I created a graphic to illustrate it, and started by pasting it on the entrances of my school. If you feel the same and want to print one for you, you might download it here.

door sign

And thanks to Chris Choi for taking this picture! : )