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The Daily Clean

The more I research, the more I find people willing to help their community. This one is also in Brooklyn:

This guy takes one hour of his day just to clean some part of his neighborhood. He takes a picture before, after and selects an “artifact” that he finds interesting. He hopes to inspire other people to join the cause.

More here.

They make us better

After a big increase in the level of robberies at Bedford-Stuyvesant area, in Brooklyn, some local men decide to do something against it: They’re picking random days on the week to escort pedestrians from the subway station to their homes.

They don’t belong to any politic organization or anything similar. They just realized that there weren’t many men from 20-40 years old engaged in the community so they decided to do their part on making the area they habit safer to their women and children.

They also expect to form a mentoring program to youth soon.