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Black Tie on the Beach – LA style

So, after taking my pants off and riding the subway, I decided it was time for a change.

The latest Improveverywhere mission was Black Tie on the Beach. The title is self explanatory, you just have to go to the beach, do stuff you do on the beach, except this time you will be wearing a Black Tie Outfit. No big deal.

It’s big in NY. Well, at least, it looks big on the videos. But now I live in LA, and made sure to check if there was a version going on here.

According to the Facebook event, 40 people were confirmed. We can make a party with 40, I thought. So I convinced my friend to go with me. Convince is maybe a strong term. I just said the words: ‘Black Tie’ and ‘Beach’ and the next thing I know, he was wearing a legit Scottish quilt and ready to go to Hermosa.

I recently read an article telling that usually only 25% of people confirmed on Facebook actually go to the events. I think they were being optimistic. At least in this case, the only two people dressed up in the entire Hermosa Beach was him and I. And man, we did search.

But I can’t say we didn’t have fun:

Photos by: visualnitro.com

Going Back to NYC

I’ll be entering on an airplane and be back to NYC in a few hours, so I decided to leave my message for piece in Rio first:

I wrote the lyrics of a Gilberto Gil’s song that I consider has a lot to do with this time we’re facing (thanks for Geor‘s tip), called A Paz (The Peace) on the sidewalk of Barra Beach at 6am, so everybody who would be jogging or walking that day could read that an remember that, sometimes, this war and violence, can lead into something good and bring us some peace in the end!