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Spreading smiles!

I’ve been in LA for a little bit more than one month now and I feel it is still soon to start with all the comparisons to NY. But… there’s one thing that I couldn’t not notice: People here DO smile to each other! True Fact!

It is not only normal to smile to strangers here, but they don’t avoid eye contact either! It’s really fantastic! I’ve even been practicing walking always with at least a half smile on my face, because it makes it much easier to turn on a full smile, anytime I need it! And it’s usually often!

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An Application to break the routine

It’s very easy to complain that technology has been drifting us apart, and that’s why I love to show examples of how we can use it to bring us together.

The Situationist app for Iphone is an example of it. By taking three easy steps you can bring extra-ordinary moments to your routine. First, when you login, you have the chance to choose which tasks you would like people to perform to you, and it can vary from hugging you for five seconds to discuss about the war. You may also add your own options. Then, you just wait and when you’re close enough to someone that is also using the application, you will receive a note with the task and the person’s picture. You have five minutes to perform and leave. And that’s it, your life just became a little bit more unpredictable.

Easy way to say thank you!

People usually complain that these new features of modern life have made us less emotional and more practical. And with everything around us moving so fast is even harder to find time to the small things that make always the big differences.

What if we could have the best of two worlds? RedStamp found this solution with an application that facilitates to the extreme the simple act of saying Thank You or making a compliment. It is also customizable and thoughtful even though if it is created through a screen.

With this application you can send notes, add your pictures, choose a style and send to anyone you want. And if you’re one of those who don’t value anything that is not in paper, for $1.29 you can send this person a postcard with your image, by mail.