1) Why are you doing this?
Because I believe in a better society. Happier people are kinder and act more positively towards others. So, by bringing joy to people’s routine I can inspire them and start a positive and kind cycle.

2) How did you come up with this idea?
It comes from the contrast I felt coming from Rio de Janeiro to New York. At the beginning, I found people here much more rude and individualist than what I was used to. In NY I noticed a big need for personal space. This made me feel oppressed, and I needed to do something to that would make me feel happy again.

3) Are you doing this for school?
I was doing this for myself, and then I decided to use it for school. But it’s the kind of thing that I would eventually do anyway and now, even after I graduate, I will still be doing interventions.

4 ) Are you ever going to stop?
I want to keep doing them as much as I can.

5) What is people’s usual response?
At the beginning of each intervention, they are usually very suspicious, but after the first     person takes initiative, they a lot of other people start to approach. That’s why it is usually     good to have a friend to start the cycle.

6) Has someone ever been rude to you during these interventions?
Actually, no. Usually, people are extremely nice and by the end of each intervention I’m usually feeling much happier than before I started.

7) For how long have you been doing these interventions? How many have you made?
I started doing these intervention on September, 2010. Right now, on April, 2011 I’ve done around 30 interventions, from different kinds.

8 ) Do you only do them in NY?
My main focus is NY, specially because I’m leaving here. But every time I travel I try to do at least one small intervention there.