Tie on The Beach

You might have already noticed that I like pretty much anything that interrupts the day and brings some fun. That’s why I usually love all the scenes caused by ImprovEverywhere!

The last one was a reproduction of “Black Tie on the Beach”. The title is self-explanatory: a day spent on the beach, doing things you do on the beach, but wearing Black Tie:

I really wish I could have participated! I participated of the MP3 Experiment 7 and it was so much fun! But this one was on Monday! I’m from Rio de Janeiro and I have always wondered how so many people could afford spending several hours on the beach on business days. Sure, the unemployed rate was high, but not that much. But it turns out that not everybody follows the traditional 09-6pm work hours…

But look how much fun we missed:

(all images and videos were extracted from their website)/

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