What: Dance with strangers on the street
Why: No time for exercises
How: Connect a Wii on an electronic store
When: March, 2011
Where: 17th st and 6th avenue

The Wii on The streets was an intervention chosen through a Poll that I created last semester. The problem is that I couldn’t figure out a way to put in on practice by that time. But one day, walking my way home, I saw a store that has just opened, with two big TVs in front of it. I showed my website to the owner and he said it would be O.K. to make my intervention there. This was the first person who I managed to do something nice. After leaving the store, I called Ann Marie, who said that it would be fine for her to do the intervention on Thursday and then we met at school.
Setting the wii there was harder them I imagined, but Joseph, the owner, helped us and as we first started dancing, some people stopped. A guy started to dance with me and he looked really excited. After the song was finished he even asked to look himself on the videotape.
After that, two older ladies decided to show me their moves. But once they saw that they were being recorded, they kind of changed their minds. I said that I didn’t need to record, I just wanted them to have fun. And they were impressed that I was doing that just for the sake of being nice.
Since my goal is to have at least one interaction, I was already feeling successful with my intervention, and the guys from the store told me that I could go back any time I wanted. So, mission of the day was completed.



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