If there’s one thing that nobody seams to enjoy, it is “Waiting in Lines”. I wanted to do something that would help people to pass their time while standing for several minutes, so I went to Times Square, at the TKTS line (it usually takes 40 minutes at least to buy a ticket) and started to offer to play with people.

My first intention was to make a huge Chinese Phone, but I found some challenges to do that, since there were so many people and although I could convince some of them to participate it all lost its strength eventually. So instead of that, I jumped to my Plan B, I would play Rocks, Paper and Scissors with people and just have some conversation, ask and tell them jokes to help them pass the time.

I found it easier to deal with people that were in smaller groups and that were part of my average age. Families with kids would be more suspicious and females were also less approachable. But those with I did had the chance to interact appreciated it and we laughed a lot.


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