What: Engage strangers in a single drawing
Why: Express themselves
How: Provide all of them with the same sheet
When: March, 2011
Where: L Train, around Montrose

This project was a suggestion of Liz Belfer. One day I woke up and there was a message from her on my phone saying: “Maybe we could ask each person to draw or write something on the same piece of paper to make a spontaneous art piece”.

I brought some heavy papers and she brought the sharpies. It went much more smother than I imagined. I wanted us to do it on subway because it is a place where people will have to stand and wait anyway. We took the L Train on Union Square and were going on the direction of Brooklyn. We didn’t even need to change the wagon, we had more almost twenty people collaborating and only one denied, apologizing that this wasn’t a good day for her. The moment that she said that, it gave us the opportunity to talk to her and cheer her up a bit, by the end she was smiling when she said goodbye.

Another good approach was with a mom and her kid, we asked the little girl if she wanted to draw something and the mom approved, and when the train arrived and the girl was still drawing, she didn’t hurry her. Instead of that, they waited for the next train. I was so touched by it that I gave the little girl the red balloon I was carrying with me.

This was the result:



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