What: Share your umbrella with people in the rain
Why: People might be wet
How: Have a big umbrella and offer your help
When: December, 2011
Where: Chelsea, New York

This was a hard intervention to execute: First, because of the physically proximity that it implies. If is there one thing that I noticed about New York, is that people really try to avoid contact with others, for example, they’d rather stand up on the subway than sitting really close to someone else. Second, because it’s very personal. If I was a parent, I honestly don’t think I would allow my kid to take a ride with a stranger neither.

That being said. I manage to succeed and could offer some help to people, and it was much easier when they had to stand up waiting for a cab. I would pretend that I was also waiting and then we could share the umbrella. Unfortunately, due to its personal approach, I couldn’t make any good recording, except this:

She was suspicious to share my umbrella, but then suddenly the rain become really heavy and she didn’t have many choices. Sometimes is hard to help people!


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