What: Offered help to random people
Why: Sometimes we need help but are afraid to ask
How: Wore a t-shirt and approached people
When: October, 2010
Where: around East Village, New York

This intervention was performed by Daphne Levitzchi. We were at Times Square and wanted to show the importance of politeness and decided to try Holding Doors for strangers, smile often and offer Balloons. This was an issue already discussed though the graph “How to pass through a door” and we wanted to test if a performance would have a better result.
The plan was simple: stand in front of the door of high entrance place and hold the door for people while wishing them a great day. The way we would consider it successful would be if people reacted to us in a positive way. Once again, we wanted to track smiles. For the people who were leaving the store was harder to notice what we were doing, because we could be just trying to enter, but those who were entering the stores and saw us standing there and smiling seamed much more grateful and amused by the fact we were just there holding doors for them. They also wished us a great day.


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