What: Embellish a bridge with paper butterflies
Why: Lack of interesting sites on my way to work
How: Cut paper butterflies and pasted them on the bridge
When: September, 2010
Where: Queensboro Bridge, New York


During this summer, here in NY, I had to walk through the Queensboro Bridge everyday to get at work. This always seamed a sad place to me, maybe because of the tired and still asleep people who were crossing it, or maybe because it is a place with no visual attractions.

What I did was to print 40 butterflies in different colors and shapes, cut, fold and  then use a sticky tack to hold them from the middle, in a way that, if it was windy, it would look like they were flapping their wings. I pasted them all over the bridge.

I arrived at work first, and when I asked to my coworkers if they had seen it, nobody said yes. It made me feel a little frustrated. But on my way back, I saw a man pointing them to his colleague. And on the next day, many butterflies were still there. And some of them were even rearranged, what means that some people not only saw them, but also interacted with them.

Maybe it was not the majority of people, but it is like a virus, once you start noticing,  you become each time more attentive, and this exactly what I wanted to produce.


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