Can I help you?

Before I came to New York, I was 100% sure that nothing could change my personality, not even the toughest environment ever. I would normally feel a lack of touch but as soon as I was back to Brazil I would start hugging everybody I knew and suddenly it would all be normal again.

But in the real life, that’s not exactly what happened, and I just noticed that some months ago: I was crossing a street, completely late to my internship, when I saw a blind woman trying to find her way. I don’t even like to say it, but I kept walking after that. It took me one second to realize that I was wrong and turn back to help her, but she had already found herself. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and asking myself why my first reaction wasn’t to immediately help that woman.

I can’t bring that moment back again, but I definitely can thing about my next decisions. So, in order to redeem myself, I wrote in a white t-shirt “Can I help you?” and my idea is just to go around the city and help random people, like moms with their baby’s carts to climb the subway stairs, old people with their groceries and so it goes.

It’s like that Kick Ass movie, but hopefully I won’t have to wear any weird stuff besides this t-shirt (which is already kind of poorly designed itself).

I wore it on Saturday at 6pm, but it was already getting late and I couldn’t find any “victim” except for another blind man at 14th st with 6th ave that said he didn’t need any help.

So, I’ll let you know the next time I wear it!

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