Hammocks at Will Rogers State Park

Sometimes, your surroundings are so perfect that it’s hard to improve them! In LA we have beautiful trails fulled with beautiful people ornamented by amazing views. How do we make it better and promote joy?

The answer is simple: HAMMOCKS!!!

Imagine the scenario: you’re all tired after a long hike and you get to this place from where you can see both Downtown LA AND the ocean. You want to be able to enjoy it for a little and just admire the view, but there’s no where to rest. If only I had a hammock…

Well, it’s not everywhere you can hang one (and still be eco-friendly), but these trees at Will Rogers State Park seamed to be made for it. I could not not do it! And they’re all there in series! At this time, we could only put two, but who knows what will come next?

If I could, I’d stay there all day long, bring some books, grapes and wine. But the purpose of the interventions is to bring joy to people’s daily life (besides mine! : )


So, last time I checked, people were definitely using it!

And HUGE thanks to my friend Fernando Cardoso for helping me hanging those! If you’re in LA this Monday go check his reggae-sexy-cool band Esprit de Corps playing at Skinny’s, in North Hollywood.

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