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Wishing Tree at Little Tokyo

One thing that I loved about NYC and now, Los Angeles, is that they have a series of cities inside the major city. You’re walking around and suddenly you’re transported to a completely different reality and culture.

This weekend we had some cravings for noodles, so naturally, we ended up at Little Tokyo. While we were waiting for seats on the restaurant where I probably had one of the best Ramens of my life, I noticed this Tree and instantaneously liked it:

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Spreading smiles!

I’ve been in LA for a little bit more than one month now and I feel it is still soon to start with all the comparisons to NY. But… there’s one thing that I couldn’t not notice: People here DO smile to each other! True Fact!

It is not only normal to smile to strangers here, but they don’t avoid eye contact either! It’s really fantastic! I’ve even been practicing walking always with at least a half smile on my face, because it makes it much easier to turn on a full smile, anytime I need it! And it’s usually often!

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Why stairs when you can have slides?

When I saw this for the first time, my immediate reaction was: – Why, oh why am I not living there?

Under the fancy name of “Transfer Accelerator”, the dutch design firm called HIK Ontwerpers created this slide to help passengers at the Overvecht Railway Station to make their way faster, and also, much more enjoyable.

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When Craft brings joy to urban space

Until recently I have never heard about the word Craftivism before. I know it’s kind of self-explanatory, but as I understood, this is a way of protesting for good causes by using the art of craft. And the result is usually cheerful and colorful interventions on urban spaces. These are some derivations of it:

Each one of them may have a different purpose, but they all just look so beautiful. It made me imagine how cities would look like if instead of polluting and throwing garbage on the streets, we all just added a small colorful line to decorate something. We would be spending the same amount of time, but the result would be much different!

A Toy Drop

People usually love (good) surprises, right? From finding some money on our pockets to finding out that that boring meeting was canceled, it’s impressive how small things can make us suddenly happy.

And there are other small things that can make small people happy too. And I’m talking about toys and kids. In 2008, in Australia, a toy crafter has started what she calls “a Toy drop”, she leaves on the street a toy waiting for a kid to take it home. And since then, the project has reached different countries and counts on many other crafters to spread joys on the streets around the world.

To find out more about the project, and have a nice surprise, visit The Toy Society.

Up in the Air

Anyone who follows this website for a while must have already notice that I’m really attached to two things: bubbles and balloons. I try to take at least one to each intervention I make and it’s always really fun.

So that’s why I was so admired to see that some people from National Geography decided to bring the magic behind the movie Up, by Pixar, to real life. And it actually worked!

This was the movie:

This is real life:

You can find more here!

An Application to break the routine

It’s very easy to complain that technology has been drifting us apart, and that’s why I love to show examples of how we can use it to bring us together.

The Situationist app for Iphone is an example of it. By taking three easy steps you can bring extra-ordinary moments to your routine. First, when you login, you have the chance to choose which tasks you would like people to perform to you, and it can vary from hugging you for five seconds to discuss about the war. You may also add your own options. Then, you just wait and when you’re close enough to someone that is also using the application, you will receive a note with the task and the person’s picture. You have five minutes to perform and leave. And that’s it, your life just became a little bit more unpredictable.

The Art of Improvisation

Improveverywhere is a huge precedent of mine. They are a collective whose main goal is to bring chaos and joy to public space and they’re behind some of my coolest moments here in NYC, like the MP3 experiment and No Pants on Subway.

However, I wasn’t able to witness one of my favorites: Spontaneous Musical. I know a lot of people who don’t like this kind of movie, find cheesy and very out of reality. But why do we go to movies if is not to see fantastic things? I personally love, and every time I watch one I leave the theater with an urge to run and sing at the same time, even though I cannot really do neither of them. It doesn’t matter, it’s a great way to break the routine and bring joy to our daily lives:

And yes, I watch Glee and download the songs so I can pretend that I’m part of the scene.

Volunteering has never been so easy

Sometimes people say they don’t have time to do good things, or they don’t know where and how to start. Sometimes they just lazy and think that doing something nice may be so hard and require a lot of energy.

Well, from now on they won’t be able to use this excuse anymore. The Good Is provided a list of possible places to volunteer according to your profile. It’s worthy a look here!



Magic is everywhere

There are some moments that are simply magic: like receiving a gift from nowhere, a smile that you exchange with a stranger when waiting for the elevator and that creamy ice cream when it’s really really hot. And there are some people in charge of creating magical moments. And one of them is Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

She lives in Chicago and has a mission every week. One day she decided to change the concept behind of a simple ATM machine and it became:  Always Trust Magic.

The result you see below: