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If you don’t ask, you’ll never know

Sometimes you wake up and you’re just not doing well. We feel sad and we regret our acquaintances for not being thoughtful and not realizing when we need their help. Somehow, we usually expect the initiative to come from them… but what if, instead of waiting, we just verbalized that we need some attention?

That’s what Samantha La Rocco did, and it was not even to her friends, but to the restaurant she was ordering from. And guess what!!? It worked!

Samantha La Rocco

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Coca-Cola Top Five Favorite Videos

At least once per week a friend of mine sends me one of Coca-Cola videos. I’m the biggest fan of their kind initiatives (like “Live Positively” and “Crazy for Good“) and can’t get tired of watching their videos.

Coca-cola is not the only company that uses kindness as a way to conquer consumer’s loyalty. Pepsi also promotes good initiatives (check Refresh Everything), and many other big companies are engaged in volunteer work, defending different causes. The difference, for me, is that Coca-Cola makes it better.

That being said, these are my top five favorite videos:

5. Happinness Truck in India
Small surprises can make your whole day better

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Smile and be grateful, 5 minutes per day

It sounds as a cliche, but in fact, one of the key factors for feeling happy, is being grateful. Focus on everything that you have and you like, and all those things that went well, instead of spending your time thinking about what is going wrong in your life.

Also, our brain sometimes likes to be tricked. Every time we smile and act happy, it starts believing that we really are and starts producing more dopamine to make us feel even better.

So I decided to put these two thoughts together and try one new thing in my life: Every day I wake up, and I spend my first five minutes thinking of everything that I’m grateful for. It can be a dessert I had last night, as well as people I’ve met and became important to me. I close my eyes and I smile while I’m thinking about it.

I set the alarm and the time flies by while I’m doing that. The five minutes are gone but, somehow, I’m still smiling inside!

Happy: the movie

I just watched Happy, the movie. I’m feeling so inspired that I want to share some of the things I learned!

First, what I found most interesting is that a lot of people attribute happiness to the current circumstances of their lives. For example, their social status, relationship or jobs. However, those only define 10% of your ‘happy level’. 40% of how you feel is a consequence of conscious actions you take everyday, like playing, changing routines, doing something good for you and the others. The other 50% can be found on your genes.

Second, as social beings, we need interaction. Collaborating with others is one of the key factors to release dopamine in your brain and, therefore, make you feel better. Denmark was considered one of the happiest countries and, one of the reasons for that, is the abundance of cohousing communities. In those buildings, everyone gets to help each other and, by doing that, they have more time to spend with what really matters.

Bhutan, which is a country you usually don’t hear much about, even created the Gross National Happiness as a goal to pursue and evaluate the quality of the govern. It’s a poor country, but when you compare it to Japan, which has a high Gross National Product, the bhutanese are considered way happier and satisfied.

If you’re determined to be a happier person, another thing that helps, is being so immersed in something that you love doing, that you actually feel complete every time you’re doing it.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls this state as ‘FLOW’. Surfing and Rock Climbing are good examples for that.

So, no more excuses, go shake your bone and find yourself new things to do that will make you the happiest person on earth!

Chocolate + kindness = THE BEST THING EVER

If you’re here at this website, you’re probably already noticed that I’m interested in positive psychology and do believe that kinder people are happier and contribute to a better society.

What you might not now, is that, for me, nothing substitutes chocolate. I know a lot of people say they’re chocaholics, but in my case, is different. I literally can’t spend more than 24h without eating a piece. Is my only, and therefore very serious, addiction.

So can you imagine a store where you can buy chocolates with kindness? It would be like heaven for me. The only difference, is that this the store is for real.

The danish chocolate company Anthon Berg, with the help of the agency Robert/Boisen & Like Minded, created the Generous Store. For a day, they ‘sold’ chocolate, but not for money. Instead of that, they were demanding good deeds in return. People would pick up the chocolate and then they would post on Facebook when the promise finally became an action.

Check it out:

Take a Smile

Hello you that still comes here!

I want to thank you your loyalty and for that, I have a gift for you.

I found this on Facebook and thought it was one of the best things ever:

It's from

I liked it so much that I had to create one myself and exhibit it at work.

And now you can download it and have smiles of your own to spread!

by Isadora Dantas



Umbrella tree

I’m not sure where it came from, but it made me instantaneously happy just to look at it:

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More smiles!

Just came across this video:

Because usually, the most effective ideas are the simplest ones!

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Best way to celebrate a birthday

You probably already know Lucas Jatobá, the guy who spread colorful balloons around Barcelona. In this post I had described it as the perfect way to say goodbye! Well, the good thing about amazing people is that they never stop being amazing. And now Lucas surprises us once more by showing what is the best way to celebrate a birthday: yes, it has to do with gifts, but in this case, to other people besides you!

30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

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Tie on The Beach

You might have already noticed that I like pretty much anything that interrupts the day and brings some fun. That’s why I usually love all the scenes caused by ImprovEverywhere!

The last one was a reproduction of “Black Tie on the Beach”. The title is self-explanatory: a day spent on the beach, doing things you do on the beach, but wearing Black Tie:

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