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Under Construction

Hey Guys, I’m sorry for the inconvenience of the past few days. I’m working on the website so we can have more space for interventions and collaborations. It’s going to be brand-new by the weekend, I promise.

Meanwhile, you can remember the best interventions so far!

It’s definetely a wonderful world

And it’s not only me who is saying that:

Probably everyone has already seen it, but it’s just so nice!

Have you signed for the Ultimate Intervention yet?

The Ultimate Intervention is getting closer

So, do you remember when I invited everybody to spend one day and do something really nice to a stranger/ community/ friend?

I called it Ultimate Intervention, the day is April 9th and it’s getting closer. Your intervention might be anything, you might spend five minutes or an hour doing it, and it’s supposed to be as much fun and simple and you want.

To clarify this event a little, I create this website.

There are already people from all over the world participating! Why don’t you join us?

Sadness is the lack of Joy

I’m sorry for this short absence. I’ve been in a midterm week at school and busy with many things less nice than doing interventions. But even though it’s almost 2am I couldn’t not share with you this web site that I just came across.

It’s a Brazilian project called O que é tristeza pra você (What is sadness for you?) that consists of many short documentaries where artists are invited to answer this question. The first answer was the title of this post, and when I watched the video response of Rita Pires I was amused to see that we share the same opinion: Happiness is in the small things, like a flower blooming and a genuine “good morning”.

There are subtitles is English, so I guess it’s worthy to take a look:


Why being happy matters

First, being happy is not only important to your social life, but also to your health. People who consider themselves happy are also more inclined to live longer and are less susceptible to heart attacks. In his book “Authentic Happiness”, Martin Seligman3 describes a study made with some nuns and based on the autobiographical essays they wrote when they were accepted in the convent. After sixty years, it was noted that the biggest part of the most cheerful nuns were still alive, while the others might had already died ten years before. And what gives more authenticity to this research is that, since they were all living together under the same conditions, you can eliminate any external variable that could influence in the result.This fact might be explained by the higher levels of Immunoglobin A that happier people also present. This protein plays an important whole in our immune system.4

Also, there are many studies to prove that Happiness is directly related to Kindness. The psychologist Alice Isen, from Cornell University, once developed a study where she left some dimes in pay phones and after people hang up, another person would be passing by and dropped a stack of paper. Those people who used the phone with extra money were much more inclined in helping the others than those who didn’t have gained anything. She has also distributed candies and played with people always in order to raise positive emotions on them and the result was always the same: People who have been exposed to these positive feelings were much more helpful than the others.5

In a bigger scale, this relation is also true. A report leaded by Charities Aid Foundation found out that nations where people are more glad to be alive tend to contribute more to charity, independently of their national income. Australia and New Zealand, for example, are the most giving countries while their wellbeing score is more than 7.0 in a scale of 10.6

Finally, Happiness is contagious. According to Nicholas Christakis’ study, if you’re a happy person, you’re much more inclined to be surrounded by equally happy people, and the opposite is also true. The reason of that is because we tend to search for people with similar interests and behaviors, and we also tend to copy what is around us. For example, if my very close friend gains weight, my risk of getting fatter also increases.

Images by Max Wanger.

About courage

I wasn’t going to post anything today. I got back in NY and was welcomed by the completely lost of my hardrive. All the files that I’ve been working on lately are gone. I felt so frustrated that was hard to think about anything nice to say.

But then I saw this movie, and made me think about how sometimes we are so worried about making a fool of ourselves that we might be prevented of experiencing great things, like LOVE. (Hopefully, there might always be a stubborn girl to admit it no matter what 🙂 ).

Chicago got me!

I know 24 hours isn’t enough time to give an accurate prediction about anything. But after walking all day long around Chicago, I can honestly affirm I didn’t find anything I could “fix” here.

The cab drivers don’t expel you from the car, people make eye contact and even smile at each other on the street and the architecture is amazing. Plus, it has at the same time small cities features like drivers stopping whenever you want to cross the street and big cities things that I’m addicted to, like huge skylines and good public transportation. It’s the right amount of carbon monoxide that I need.

It has big skycrapers

but also small collorful houses

Art pieces that are made to be eaten

and discuss about hugs

It is also known by a giant silver bean!

Maybe I should start submitting some resumes around here!

Would you smile for me?

This week I was introduced to that art sign on subway station at 14th st saying “Please don’t smile to strangers”. The reason behind that, I guess, is to instruct tourists that NYC may not be what we call a very warm place.

And my reaction to that is exactly the opposite: try to make this place that we chose to live as nice as possible.

Thinking about that, I went to the subway and hold some signs “Would you smile for me” and “Have a great day”. Fortunately I had some friends with me and it was even funner than I imagined, we started to compete who would receive more “smiles”. Katie won! : )





I have a Dream

After the interventions on Saturday, here I am thinking, and reading, and eating, and eating a little bit more, and then I imagined how wonderful it would be to create a big, big Scarvenge Hunt where people instead of looking for things, would just do silly acts to have fun and make others happy. Basically it would be all interventions at the same time, being executed by many different people.  I’m still thinking about it. Maybe during the Spring, with colorful flowers and nice weather, would be a day to remember!

I even started doodling:

I’m feeling that familiar itching, and the only way to stop is to execute! Keep posted for more information! : )

It’s decided!

First, I’d like to thank everyone who voted! It was very competitive but we finally have our selection of seven interventions!

Without further ado, the big winner was the Free Coffee on Subways.

Right after it, only one vote behind, came This Is For You. I was surprised because I never made any movie about it, so I guess people might have really liked the concept.

The third place was a tight between: I need your help, Bubble Bike and Share your Umbrella.

At the forth place was Message for you and right after that, Smile to Me.

And this is what I’m going to do: I’ll perform each one of them for the next two weeks. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m very excited because a bunch of friends already said that they are going to help me.

So, this is an invitation for you too. In case you’re around Manhattan in any of these days and want to participate, you’re more than welcome to. In these cases, the more the merrier!

Keep checking for updated schedule and more news. Now it’s going to get fun! : )